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Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC)

Act in the area of research, technological development and innovation. Provides reference services for the diagnosis of infectious and genetic diseases and vector control, supported by internal committees that ensure the biosecurity standards, quality and environmental management. The Institute also maintains scientific collections of national and international importance, and training engineers and scientists through professional education and graduate.

Major services
- Clinical services to leprosy and hepatitis.
- Stricto sensu programs: masters and doctorate. in the areas of cell and molecular biology, parasite biology and tropical medicine, education in biosciences and health, computational biology and systems, biodiversity and health.
- Lato sensu programs: specialization in medical entomology, science, art and culture in health, malacology, biosciences and health education. Professional training courses in service.
- Technical training level: research course in parasite biology and parasite biology and biotechnology specialization.
- Conducting reference tests to laboratories network of SUS in the care of various diseases in sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.
- Provision of specialized services for taxonomic identification, isolation and characterization, histopathology diagnosis, donation and deposit of biological material by 19 institutional biological collections in the areas of microbiology, zoology and histopathology.

Avenida Brasil 4.365, Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, CEP 21.040-900 (Moorish Castle)

(21) 2562-1200

Working Hours
Laboratory, education and care routine: Monday to Friday, from 8h to 17h, except holidays
Outpatient: Consult the schedules and procedures for public services.

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