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Social Cooperation

The Coordination of Social Cooperation aims to foment, monitoring and coordination of social projects developed by Fiocruz. Leads and induces the production, dissemination and sharing of knowledge and social technologies developed through inclusive and participatory methodologies, aimed at reducing social and environmental inequalities based on values of solidarity and human rights, transparency, social dialogue and participatory democracy.

Its mission is in line with the Fiocruz positioning, which states the need to reduce vulnerabilities and risks related to social determinants of health - ways of living, working conditions, housing, environment, education, leisure, culture and access to essential goods and services. Therefore, as a principle act along with segments and categories of population and territories in situations of social and environmental vulnerability to optimize and leveraging the cultural, political and economic sustainability of public policies that promote health. Its performances are based on guidelines, axes, policies, projects and other initiatives.

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