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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit (Audin) is responsible for verifying the management of Fiocruz. The agency aims to inspecting, certify the legality and legitimacy of the acts of the Foundation, and examine its results in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the budgetary, financial, property, personnel management and other administrative systems operational. The Internal Audit represents Fiocruz with the Internal Control System of the Federal Executive Power of the Federal Court of Auditors.

With a preventive action, the agency seeks to avoid committing mistakes and improprieties that may compromise the management of the institution. Its works include monitoring the management of public policies and programs of government in charge of the Foundation and conduct periodic and special audit procedures.

Among the functions of Internal Audit is monitoring the goals of the Multi-Year Plan within Fiocruz. The agency also examines and issues preliminary opinion on the annual submission of accounts of the Foundation conducts compliance audits and special for external demand and monitors the implementation of the recommendations from control agencies of Audit itself along with Units of Fiocruz.

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