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The dissemination stations use the female mosquito as an ally in the dispersal of larvicide capable of preventing dengue, zika and chikungunya

This is a G20 engagement group that brings together think tanks, research centers and high-level experts from participating countries

It is estimated that in the last 5 years, fires degraded around 9% of the biome's vegetation. This destruction harms the health of the species that inhabit Pantanal and those that live outside it

The G20 engagement group for science and technology met in Rio de Janeiro to formulate the basis of the official communiqué that will be addressed to the heads of State and other authorities of the largest economies in the world

Historical photo of the castel's construction
Photos are part of the historical files of Fiocruz, that keep text documents, maps, films and tapes
Art with the castel of Fiocruz and an open book
Read the Foundation's Policy on Open Access
Aedes aegypt
Fiocruz is one of the leading institutions on Zika's research. See here some of the newest findings on the theme
The newsletter of the Fiocruz Global Health Center highlights the latest news about researches, international agreements, courses and more
Photo of the building of Fiocruz Africa
First international unit
Official English-language Twitter account of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
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