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Social programs

Fiocruz has always given support to a public health proposal focusing on a hollistic vision of man as a being that lives in society and in the environment, conditioned by economic, social and cultural circumstances. Therefore, the institution has incorporated, among its best traditions, the work towards the promotion of better living conditions for unassisted and underserved communities and social groups.

Involving diverse knowledge and expertise, the initiatives of Fiocruz seek to build a common understanding and a consensus on the agenda of social priorities. In the second half of 2009, the Foundation launched an unprecedented bid worth R$ 1 million to be used in projects of social cooperation for the territorialized development. The purpose: to promote projects that produce results, impacts and qualitative changes in the health and living conditions of populations of more vulnerable areas.

Polytechnic education, educational tourism, agro-ecological systems, selective collect, sympathetic economic enterprises, indicators of environmental health, prevention of tuberculosis and parasitic diseases: these are some of the issues addressed by the projects selected in the announcement. Thus, Fiocruz strengthens the social and health promotion, the vocational skills and the creation of jobs and income for residents of poor communities, such as those located in the surroundings Manguinhos and Mata Atlântica campi. However, the actions are not restricted to these communities, covering other areas of Rio and also other brazilian states where Fiocruz is present.

There are many programs for the youth, such as the Training Course for Museum and Science Center Monitors, the Urban Youth Program and the School Workshop of Manguinhos. One community houses the Casa Viva Library, which is a center for the promotion of reading activities. In a partnership with the National Foundation for the Deaf and Mute (Feneis), Fiocruz provides the hearing impaired with training and labor market insertion. Another initiative is the project “Growing with Manguinhos”, by the volunteers of the Somar – Commission for Environmental Responsibility of the Institute of Technology in Immunobiologicals (Biomanguinhos). It provides to young people and children from Manguinhos region access to educational workshops, computer and music classes, in addition to tutoring activities. Fiocruz also operates as the Executive Secretary of Supreme Committee to Combat Hunger for Life (Coep).

Every year thousands of people are benefiting from these and other social projects. In addition to digital inclusion activities, legal advice, support for drug addicts, income generation, inter alia. A special occasion is the annual vaccination party – “Fiocruz pra você” - when over five thousand children are vaccinated against polio and participate of recreational, educational and cultural activities. The event occurs in Rio, Belo Horizonte, Manaus and Salvador units and has the collaboration of 1.1 thousand volunteers from the Foundation.

Information about each program (in Portuguese).

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