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(Photo: Rogério Reis)

Farmanguinhos, one of the Fiocruz’s production units, guarantees, for brazilian people, the access to essential drugs, such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious medicines, painkillers.

The Institute support Federal Government strategic programs, producing drugs for endemic diseases, such as TB and malaria, for central nervous system, and for diabetes and hypertension.

Among the most important products offered by Farmanguinhos to the government programs, is the Artesunate + Mefloquine (ASMQ), an innovative medicine against malaria, developed with international partners. Farmanguinhos also produce antiretroviral medicine (as Efavirenz, result of the first compulsory license held in Brazil) to supply the National STD/Aids Program. Soon, it will be able to manufacture 50 million doses of human insulin per year.

The national production of these medicines implies low costs for the brazilian health system. By spending less, the government can invest in other health areas, contributing to improve the quality of the Brazilians' life. Thus Farmanguinhos plays an important role in strengthening the national pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and regulating prices in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market.

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