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Microbiological Collections

They have as their primary function the acquisition, preservation, identification, cataloging and distribution of authenticated microorganisms to support scientific research, epidemiological studies, as well as the development and production of bioproducts for diagnostics, vaccine and drugs, and also acting as specialized services providers.

For consulting the services provided by the microbiological collections, including their electronic catalogue of microbial strains and the staff contacts, click on the collection acronym:

• Collection of Bacteria from Amazon (CBAM)

• Collection of Bacteria from Environment and Health (CBAS)

• Collection of Campylobacter (CCAMP)

• Culture Collection of Hospital-Acquired Bacteria (CCBH)

• Collection of Culture of Filamentous Fungi (CCFF)

• Culture Collection of Bacillus and Related Genera (CCGB)

• Enterobacteria Collection (CENT)

• Collection of Fungi from Amazon (CFAM)

• Collection of Pathogenic Fungi (CFP)

• Leptospira Collection (CLEP)

• Collection of Leishmania (CLIOC)

• Listeria Collection (CLIST)

• Collection of Reference Microorganisms on Health Surveillance (CMRVS)

• Mycological Collection of Trichocomaceae (CMT)

• Protozoa Collection (COLPROT)

• Collection of Trypanosoma from Wild and Domestic Mammals and Vectors (COLTRYP)

• Yersinia pestis Collection (CYP)

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