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Clinical research

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The Fiocruz Clinical Research Network was created in November 2012. The main objective of the network is to strengthen the strategic role of clinical research carried out at Fiocruz, overcoming technological hurdles in the country, and contributing to the achievement of autonomy and self-sufficiency in the development of rational health processes and products for the Brazilian population.

Specific objectives are:

  •  to establish a forum for discussion on the situation and priorities for clinical research in Brazil. This will be done by increasing participation in the management of national policies for technology in health with relevant partners, such as the Brazilian Network for Health Technology Assessment (link), and the Brazilian National Network for Clinical Research (link);
  •  to strengthen and to broaden professional, technological, and regulatory competences in clinical research at Fiocruz;
  •  to increase partnerships for clinical research within Fiocruz and with other national and international institutions;
  • to broaden multidisciplinary education and training in clinical research
  • to increase the participation of Fiocruz in national strategic decision-making related to bioethics and research involving human subjects.

The network is organized in clinical research groups, steering committee, executive secretary and communities of practice (CoP). A CoP is a group of people sharing a common interest in a specific area of knowledge or competence relevant to clinical research. Participation in the network by clinical research groups occurs through involvement of their members in CoPs of the network (see figure below). Currently, there are five CoPs established:

  • Planning and coordination of clinical research projects
  • Regulatory issues and bioethics
  • Quality assurance, education and training
  • Data management and data analysis;
  • Data and safety monitoring for clinical trials.

Individuals from clinical research groups at Fiocruz participate in the CoPs according to their interest and expertise. The objective of the CoPs is to integrate competencies in clinical research within the network. Some of the participating individuals may act as consultants for the network members in a particular topic. CoPs produce, systematize and disseminate knowledge that will help increase the quality of clinical research. They also define clinical research priorities, which will be translated in competitive public calls for clinical research, and in research partnerships. Each CoP establishes work groups to carry out specific tasks relevant to the area of interest.

Up to now, 25 clinical research groups from Fiocruz, working on a wide range of research areas, are members of the network.


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