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Work by the Fiocruz Global Health Center) includes contacts, support, and coordination of international projects with the units, institutes, and offices of the Vice-Presidents of Fiocruz, using the Group for International Programming (GPI) and the Technical Chamber for International Cooperation (CTCI) as tools for the formulation and orientation of policies, strategies, and linkages, working under the Center’s coordination.

The Center does the following work:

  • Introduces the dimensions of global health governance into the various fields of action by FIOCRUZ;
  • Promotes and monitors exchange with developed and developing countries;
  • Supports the signing and maintenance of agreements and contracts with these countries and the corresponding institutions;
  • Promotes and supports academic and scientific events, as well as hosting international visits;
  • Trains the staff in charge of international activities;
  • Manages the processes and procedures involved in work, research, and study abroad by professionals and researchers from the Foundation;
  • Contributes to the hosting of foreign health professionals, researchers, faculty, and students;
  • Conducts technical and scientific studies and projects related to its field of activity.

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