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Management of Exchange Programs

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The operational activities pertaining to international exchange feature drafting agreements, contracts, and/or memoranda of understanding with institutions from partner countries, procedures for time spent abroad, orientation on applications for special passports and requests for third party notes, and receiving foreign colleagues at the Foundation.

International Agreements

These are formal instruments for establishing and strengthening partnerships with foreign institutions, based on mutual planning and according to the participating countries’ health policies. Given the general nature of these documents, it is necessary to draft Complementary Terms with details of the activities and resources for specific projects.

The list of prevailing agreements is registered in the System for the Support of Strategic Management (SAGE). The Foundation’s technical and scientific units may establish agreements directly, however with prior notice to Fiocruz Global Health Center and the Office of the Federal Attorney for Fiocruz.

Receiving Foreign Colleagues

CRIS supports foreign researchers, faculty, technicians, and students who come to Fiocruz for their activities, orienting them on obtaining visas through the Brazilian Embassies or Consulates in their home countries and assisting them with the Brazilian institution’s administrative procedures.

CRIS requests the visa, based on a letter of acceptance or written invitation from the technical unit(s) of Fiocruz that will receive the foreign colleague, and in keeping with the requirements of the Normative Resolutions issued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE).

The rules and procedures for issuing visas to foreigners are available on the Consular Portal of the Ministry of Foreign Relations website. Brazil practices a reciprocity policy, granting foreigners the same treatment Brazilians would receive in the respective country. To obtain details on the administrative procedures, it is necessary to contact the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in their home country. The Consular Portal also provides a list of the consular divisions of Brazil’s Embassies and Consulates.

Orientation for foreign students at FIOCRUZ may be found in the Student’s Guide (Portuguese), published by the Office of the Vice-President for Teaching, Information, and Communication (VPEIC).


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