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Regional Board of Brasília

Regional Board of Brasília

The Regional Board of Brasilia (Direb), also known as Fiocruz Brasília, represents the Foundation in view of organs from the Executive and Legislative powers, public and private institutions, besides developing teaching, research, communication and public health accessory activities. The instance of Fiocruz in the Federal capital aims to contribute for the consolidation of the Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS) – the Brazilian health system -, through the formation of strategic boards, of the development and diffusion of innovative technologies, in internal and external cooperation, which respond to the needs of the health management, in the federal and regional scopes.

Fiocruz Brasília is divided by areas of expertise: Sanitary Law, Nutritional and Food Security, Mental Health and Basic Attention; Economy and Public Policies; Planning, Management and Quality in Health; Education, Culture and Health, Work and Environment. Each one of these areas develop various activities, such as projects and researches, courses, events and publications. Connected to the Board, are the Social Communication Accessory, the Accessory of International Representation, the Administration, the Technology sector and the Planning Area. The Teaching Coordination organizes and executes the courses promoted by Fiocruz Brasília, with its several partners.

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