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The reference laboratories of Fiocruz represent a set of services for the diagnosis of compulsory disease reports. Perform laboratory tests of high complexity, associated with the development of research that assists in epidemiological surveillance, health and environmental and clinical care of patients.

The activities of these laboratories are associated with research and technological development. Accordingly, they generate knowledge, processes and products, such as defining methodologies, diagnostic validation, assistance in specific areas, technological development, human resource training and predicting scenarios with a significant ability to respond to the demands coming from the Unified Health System (SUS).

Together, these activities contribute to the definition of surveillance policy and preventive and protection actions in relation to health. As part of the National Health Surveillance System, the Fiocruz reference laboratories strategic and form a group of priority projects of the Presidency of Fiocruz based on macro projects of the Four Year Plan 2011-2014 of Fiocruz.

The reference laboratories are part of the Public Health Laboratories National System (Sislab), which is organized in a hierarchical way and its actions are executed at the federal, state and municipal spheres, in line with the principles of the SUS. They are structured according to their specificities, such as: Collaborating Centers (CC), National Reference Laboratories (LRN); Regional Reference Laboratories (LRR), the State Reference Laboratory (LRE); Municipal Reference Laboratories (LRM); Local Laboratories (LL), and Frontier Laboratories.

Reference laboratory is an activity and a specialized and complex service, performed by a research laboratory and provided by a scientific authority, which offer consulting and assistance in the respective areas of expertise, as well as promotes the formation of human resources for related institutions. It is therefore a technical and scientific authority formally designated within a closed system in which the activity reference is inserted.

Fiocruz counts with 50 reference laboratories, whose mission is to respond to events that constitute public health emergencies of national importance. The Foundation is a national reference in Sislab to 16 diseases and regional reference for another five. Besides these, linked in Networks of Epidemiological and Environmental Surveillance of Sislab, Fiocruz also has three laboratories responding for network of Surveillance Care for three diseases. Three laboratories are also part of an international network for influenza diseases, SARS and leptospirosis.

The flow of arriving samples at Fiocruz / RJ is due a Central of Receiving Samples - operating 24 hours, seven days a week - installed at the National Institute for Quality Control in Health (INCQS). In this space are received any biological material sent to the campus Manguinhos.

Information about each laboratory (in Portuguese).

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