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Fiocruz Amazônia

Implemented in Manaus at the turn of the 20th century to 21st, the Research Center Leonidas and Maria Deane (CPqLMD) has peculiarities regarding to other units by standing at full Brazilian Amazon region and is built into the daily lives of the most isolated parts of the population especially riverside communities, the indigenous groups and workers in agricultural frontier areas.

The research activities carried out CPqLMD come to bring out the pioneering work of scientists at Fiocruz historical expeditions in the Amazon in the early 20th century. With a focus on improving the quality of life of the Amazonian populations, the unit engages in the investigation of situations of risk for these populations, which has allowed specific studies on indigenous and riverside communities, urban peripheries and sex workers, among others. Its performance seeks to integrate research, education and public health actions.

Major services

  • Evaluation of living conditions and health problems of Amazonian peoples.
  • Studies of the ecology of transmissible diseases, microbial diversity, diagnosis and control of infectious diseases and health history in the Amazon.
  • Acquisition, storage, distribution and preservation of bacteria, fungi and yeasts in their biological collections.
  • Training in stricto sensu graduation courses (Master and Doctorate) in health area.
  • Training in lato sensu graduate course for specialization level and improvement and updating in the biological and collective health area.
  • Training students in professional health education.
  • Undergraduate research in partnership with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Amazonas (Fapeam).
  • Curricular internship partnership with the Center for Integration of Schools and Enterprises (CIEE).
  • Short Term Training.

Rua Terezina 476, Adrianópolis, Manaus - AM, CEP 69.057-070

(92) 3621-2323 / fax (92) 3621-2399

Working Hours
Monday to Friday from 8h to 17h except holidays.

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