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Alternative method to the use of animals for cytotoxicity testing

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Alternative method to the use of animals for cytotoxicity testing
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Despite the efforts of the scientific community, it is still not possible to end animal experimentation in the so-called pre-clinical phases during the development of new drugs and other products for human health. Therefore, the search for alternative methods to the use of animals in scientific research to develop drugs and cosmetics is currently a worldwide concern as it helps limit animal experimentation.


The technology proposes an alternative method of assessing the cytotoxicity of a new candidate drug, cosmetic, or other application. It uses inhibition of adipogenesis of human adult stem cells to define the toxicity of a substance more accurately during the in-vitro phase in the laboratory compared to currently available systems. This method reduces the number of animals required to develop these new products. In addition, the technology may have other applications, such as identifying novel anti-obesity and endocrine-disrupting compounds.


Reduz o uso de animais
Possui maior precisão na citotoxicidade
Utiliza células-tronco adultas humanas

Development stage

What we are searching for

Partners for validation of the trial through an interlaboratory study and funding. The inventors are also interested in partnerships for developing and prospecting new technology outcomes, such as the screening of anti-obesity agents and endocrine disruptors.


Bruno Dallagiovanna Muniz
Alessandra Melo de Aguiar
Ana Paula Ressetti Abud

Intellectual Property

Invention Patent
Patent granted in Brazil.




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