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Center for International Relations in Health (CRIS)


The Center for International Relations in Health (CRIS), an advisory board of the Presidency of FIOCRUZ, was created in 2009 to coordinate and support the Foundation’s international activities.

Responding to the growing demands for international exchange, the purpose of CRIS is to establish a level of excellence for affirming and developing FIOCRUZ as a strategic public institution for Brazil in the global health scenario.

The Center is responsible for cooperation and exchange with foreign organizations, countries, and institutions.

Within FIOCRUZ, CRIS is responsible for coordinating and supporting the Foundation’s various units in procedures that involve cooperation in health and science and technology, aimed at achieving the strategic objectives in the area of Health, State, and International Cooperation, as proposed in the Foundation’s Quadrennial Plan.

In Brazil, the Center’s main links are with the International Health Advisory Division (AISA) of the Ministry of Health and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

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