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Antibodies for the Treatment of Diarrheagenic Bacteria

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Antibodies for the Treatment of Diarrheagenic Bacteria
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The excessive use of antibiotics has led to the emergence of resistant strains, necessitating the constant search for new combat strategies and antimicrobial compounds. In diarrheagenic infections, antibiotic treatment can, in some cases, worsen the patient's condition, leading to the development of hemolytic-uremic syndrome.


The solution proposes the use of immunoglobulin Y (IgY) produced in eggs from immunized chickens with a specific antigen for the treatment of intestinal infections caused by diarrheagenic bacteria. The technology has the potential to reduce antibiotic use, thereby decreasing the risk of bacterial resistance and promoting ethical animal use.


Low risk of bacterial resistance
Ethical use of animals
Food supplement or medicine

Development stage

What we are searching for

Seeking partnerships with pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical industries for co-development and/or licensing of the technology for production and commercialization. Samples can be provided for collaborative testing


Luis André Morais Mariúba

Intellectual Property

Invention Patent
Patent application filed in Brazil




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