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Fiocruz International News — May 2021

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Fiocruz News

Bimonthly newsletter of the Fiocruz Global Health Center (Cris/Fiocruz)

May / 2021
The signature of the CUIDA Chagas project to eliminate congenital disease transmission in Latin America was signed on the occasion of the World Chagas Day. The initiative, which includes co-financing from the Brazilian Ministry of Health and support from the Fiocruz Support Foundation, also involves Paraguay, Bolivia and Colombia
At an event promoted by the Center for International Relations in Health (CRIS/Fiocruz), the high commissioner for United Nations adds that ensuring human rights is a "vaccine" against hunger
According to the analysis, the younger age group, from 20 to 29 years old, was the one with the higher number of deaths: 1,081.82%. The age group from 40 to 49 years old showed the higher increase in the number of cases (1,173.75%)
National Institute of Women, Children and Adolescents Health Fernandes Figueira (IFF) designation will be valid for four years, starting on March 3, 2021, and can be renewed by redesignation
The impact of the virus on blood coagulation might transform the disease in the first thrombotic viral fever infection. The disease is currently classified as a severe acute respiratory syndrome
A paper published in the CDC/US journal Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) shows that a first exposure in mild or asymptomatic cases may not produce an immune response, and that reinfection could be with the same variant
At CDC Africa/African Union conference, Nísia Trindade Lima reaffirmed Fiocruz’ commitment to support the continent in strengthening its health systems
In addiction to the Oxford/AstraZeneca-Fiocruz, the Foundation is developing six other projects leading to new immunizers
Study highlights degrading actions that the biome has been suffering is a risk to the health of populations, especially when it brings the possibility of the emergence of new diseases or the resurgence of old ones

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Fiocruz International News
Bimonthly report of the Fiocruz Global Health Center (Cris/Fiocruz), edited by the Fiocruz Coordination of Social Communication

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