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Open Science: new courses from Fiocruz are incorporated into The Global Health Network


Flávia Bueno and Isabela Schincariol


Continuing an institutional movement to promote science through the dissemination of actions, research, events and courses in other languages, Fiocruz has just incorporated two new courses to the Global Health Training Centre. This time they were "What is Open Science?" and "Open Access", which were translated from Portuguese into English and Spanish. They integrate the series on Open Science developed by the Fiocruz Virtual Campus in partnership with several actors of the Foundation. Both courses, of 10h each, are especially aimed at postgraduate students and researchers, but can be taken by anyone interested in the theme.

The initiative to strengthen Fiocruz's presence in this online training platform is part of a broader project, which seeks to strengthen the Foundation's role as a research institution in the area of public health with a vocation to cooperate and share its knowledge with researchers from all over the world. 

What is Open Science?

The course aims to introduce the Open Science movement, its practices, implications, and controversies to the scientific community. It was prepared by experts from the University of Minho (Portugal) and Fiocruz.

The course program with 8 classes addresses an introduction to open science; open access; open research data; open workflows; citizen science; open innovation; open education, and open science best practices and tools. 

Register at the link: What is Open Science?

Open Access

This course presents some of the history of the open access movement and its implications for science dissemination. It offers main concepts, historical milestones, different forms of application and various initiatives both on the international scene and Brazilian experiences, distributed in 5 classes.

Register at the link: Open Access

Fiocruz and the Global Health Training Centre

More than 460,000 learners from different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas have completed 2.3 million modules since the launch of the Global Health Training Centre in 2011. Fiocruz's first adapted and translated course, launched in December 2020, Transmission, surveillance, control and prevention of Yellow Fever, surpassed the 1800 access mark. The second course included was on Health Care in Speech Therapy reached the 3500 access mark. In 2022, there are already 3 courses in the launch queue: COVID-19, Scientific Dissemination and an original course on Health emergencies in the context of civil society.

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