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Human Resources Directory (Direh)

The Human Resources Directory (Direh), body linked to the Fiocruz Presidency by Fiocruz Vice Presidency of Management and Institutional Development, is a technical-administrative unit established in 1992. The unit has the task to manage activities and general policies for labor management, as well as plan, coordinate, supervise and execute activities related to the processes of performance evaluation, selection, and development of people, job classification and salaries, retirement and pensions ; benefits, registration, payment and control of people, policy for all health care Worker´s of Fiocruz and their working conditions, and management information on human resources, and provide day care and childhood education services.

To fulfill its mission, Direh has the areas of Administration and Development of Human Resources, Communication, Information, File Center, Management and Budget Center, Quality Coordination, Contracts, Day Care, Administrative and Disciplinary Process of Worker Health. In each Fiocruz unit has a Human Resources Service, with which the Direh constantly interacts directing its activities to organize the HR management and monitoring of the functional life of Worker´s.

The unit is also responsible for monitoring of changes in salary policy and labor laws, which are reflected in the functional life of its servers, and monitor the dynamics of the occupational structure of Fiocruz.

Among its main initiatives are highlighted: the Program of Retirement Preparation, focused on action of reflection, care and guidance to the servers in the process of transition to retirement and has intersectoral action of the Department of Worker´s Health (CST) and the Departments of Administration and Development of Human Resource (DARH and DDRH), the Management Development Program, Curricular Internship Program and Making and Learning Program II, which is an initiative politico-socio-educational Fiocruz in partnership with the São Martinho Beneficent Association (Associação Beneficente. São Martinho), which promotes education for work and citizenship practices focused on adolescents in social risk situations.

"To contribute to expand the efficiency and effectiveness of work performed at Fiocruz and to improve the quality of life of workers, by formulating and implementing policies, strategies and tools for work management, integrating people management actions, people and the health of workers."

Future vision
"To be recognized by the Fiocruz community as a strategic unit for institutional development, for the quality of services and technical competency in work management area."

Strategic guidelines
Customer Focus; Continuous improvement; Integrated working with Human Resource Services (SRHs); Integrated working within Direh; Strictness in the fulfillment of legal requirements.

Juliano de Carvalho Lima

Andréa da Luz
Head of Human Resources Development Department

Leila Bezerra
Head of Human Resources Management Department

Fátima Rangel
Coordinator of Worker´s Health

Silvia Lacouth Motta
Head of Fiocruz Day Care

Major services
- Planning, coordinate, supervise and execute the activities related to recruitment process, selection and professional capacity by public tender. Performance evaluation, training and development of people.
- Manage plan for jobs and wages, provide benefits, make the payment and control of people; make available management information in the human resources area.
- Manage the politics of workers health care and its working conditions at Fiocruz.

Avenida Brasil 4.365, Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, CEP 21.040-900, Figueiredo Vasconcellos (Quinino) Pavilion, 2º andar, sala 202

(21) 3836-2200 / Direh Answer: 3836-2084 / 2747

Working Hours
Monday to Friday from 8h to 17h except holidays.

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