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WHO representatives meet with Fiocruz


Julia Dias


The assistant general director for strategic initiatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), Ranieri Guerra, and the representative of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in Brazil, Socorro Gross, were at Fiocruz on July 26. They met with the director of the Fiocruz Global Health Center (CRIS/FIOCRUZ, in the Portuguese acronym), Paulo Buss, to discuss cooperation strategies for universal health coverage and primary healthcare.

Guerra is WHO figure responsible for leading the preparations for the high-level meeting regarding the subject, which will take place at the UN General Assembly, in New York, in September. Universal health coverage is considered a priority by WHO and focuses on Primary Healthcare as one of its main strategies. 

Photo: Peter Ilicciev


Conversations with Fiocruz focused on cooperation actions so that the subject continues to move forward after the General Assembly, since Fiocruz and Brazil are considered references in this sector. The training of professionals through the networks of technical health schools (RETS) and national institutes of public health (RINS), coordinated by Fiocruz, was one of the proposals under discussion. Other current partnerships with international agencies and with the WHO itself were also discussed. Fiocruz currently have six PAHO/WHO collaboration centers, in addition to cooperation projects with other UN agencies, such as the recently signed partnership with the UN Fund for Populations (UNFPA).

The 2030 Agenda was another topic approached at the occasion.  During the UN General Assembly, WHO will be launch its Plan of Action for healthy lives and well-being for all, with seven accelerators to achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goal 3. The Plan is the result of the joint work of 12 global health organizations and other relevant actors, starting with the acknowledgement that the UN’s goals will not be achieved if the current rhythm is maintained. Fiocruz president, Nísia Trindade Lima, participated in the drawing up of the recommendations that make up Accelerator 5, regarding research, development, innovation and access, during a workshop in Rwanda.

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