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Minister of Ireland visits Fiocruz to structure cooperation


Ciro Oiticica (Fiocruz News Agency)


The Irish Minister of International Development and Diaspora, Sean Fleming, visited Fiocruz on March 15th to discuss partnership projects between the country and Fiocruz. At the center of discussions is the possibility of developing a center in Ireland similar to the International Platform for Science, Technology and Innovation in Health (Pictis), in Aveiro/Portugal. The platform is a center for research, innovation, technological development, and entrepreneurship in health led by Fiocruz and the University of Aveiro (UA/Portugal), which is structured around sectoral laboratories specialized in the generation of processes, products, and services with a focus on health systems of the two countries.

Minister Sean Fleming visited Fiocruz to discuss partnership projects between Ireland and the Foundation (photo: Peter Ilicciev)

The minister was received by a delegation led by the Vice President of Research and Biological Collections (VPCB/Fiocruz) and the Acting President, Rodrigo Correa, which also had the presence of the Coordinator of the Fiocruz's Strategy for the 2030 Agenda and former President of the Foundation, Paulo Gadelha. After visiting the Moorish Pavilion, the delegation joined Fiocruz's representatives in a meeting room within the Castle itself, recently renovated.

Rodrigo Correa highlighted the research opportunities that Fiocruz offers. “With our national presence, we are within all the country's biomes, which is very important to understand the relationship between the environment, animals, and human health, from the perspective of unique health. Fiocruz's research network, with its many partnerships with universities and organizations in various projects, has a lot of potential”, he guaranteed. “We welcome this cooperation with Ireland”.

The Irish Minister for International Development and Diaspora, Sean Fleming, explained that the visit to Fiocruz is a priority for the Irish government. “We defined a global cooperation project in science, technology, and innovation in health that sees Latin America as a strategic region”, he described. “In this sense, the Foundation stands out as a reference among scientific research and innovation entities in the region”.

At the end of the meeting, the Irish delegation visited the factory facilities of the Immunobiological Technology Institute (Biomanguinhos/Fiocruz). The next steps involve prospecting possible areas of collaboration and structuring a network, based on visits to research centers and universities and the exchange of information and knowledge between researchers. An organization will be maintained to continue the conversations.

Irish delegation visited the facilities of the Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz factory (photo: Peter Ilicciev)

In addition to Minister Sean Fleming, the Irish delegation had the Irish Ambassador in Brazil, Sean Hoy; the Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, Ciara O´Floinn; the Consul General of Ireland in São Paulo, Eoin Bennis; the Deputy Consul General, Rachel Fitzpatrick; and Enterprise Ireland's Director for South America, Melissa Feddis.

On the part of Fiocruz, the Vice President Rodrigo Correa and the Coordinator Paulo Gadelha were joined by the Deputy Director of Research, Development and Innovation at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC/Fiocruz), Luciana Garzoni; the Chief of Staff at the IOC/Fiocruz, Daniel Daipert; the General Coordinator of the Vice Presidency of Education, Information and Communication (Vpeic/Fiocruz), Cristina Guilam; the Deputy Director of Technological Development at Biomanguinhos/Fiocruz, Sotiris Missailidis; Fiocruz's Inter-Institutional Relations Advisor, Valber Frutuoso; the Advisor of the Center for International Relations in Health (Cris/Fiocruz), Érica Kastrup; and the Technical Advisors of the Vice Presidency of Production and Innovation in Health (VPPIS/Fiocruz), Jorge Costa and Sandra Soares.

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