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Fiocruz's researcher receives international award from The World Academy of Sciences


Danielle Monteiro (Ensp/Fiocruz)


Researcher at the Latin American Center for Studies on Violence and Health Jorge Careli (Claves/Ensp), Cecília Minayo received the international award from The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS Awards 2022 – 2024) in the Social Scientist category. The award was granted in recognition of the researcher's contribution to studies on violence and its impacts on health, in addition to the application of qualitative approaches in public health. Emeritus researcher at Fiocruz and reference in the development of research on violence and health, Cecília is the only Brazilian to win the award.

Emeritus researcher at Fiocruz and a reference in the development of research on violence and health, Cecília Minayo is the only Brazilian to win the award (photo: UnB)

Granted every two years, TWAS awards are presented to scientists living in developing countries as recognition of their contributions to scientific knowledge and/or the application of science and technology to sustainable development. The award is presented in nine fields: Agricultural Sciences; Biology; Chemistry; Earth, Astronomy and Space Science; Engineering Science; Mathematics; Medical Science; Physics; and Social Science.

Cecília has won several awards in the field of Health, including the Oswaldo Cruz Health Medal of Merit awarded by the Ministry of Health in 2009; the Human Rights Award in 2014, granted by the Presidency of the Republic; and the honorable mention of S&T by the CNPq in 2017. She received the title of meritorious of the State of Rio de Janeiro, granted by the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj), in 2018. In January of that year, Cecília received a tribute from the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro during the inauguration of the Super Vaccination Center of Rio de Janeiro (SCCV – Super Centro Carioca de Vacinação). The Auditorium of the Rocha Maia Municipal Hospital will be named after Minayo.

"Although I was aware that I am the most cited social scientist in the country (and I believe in Latin America), I never ran for anything in that sense. I always say that I feel like a little ant trying to cultivate what I believe, and share, with colleagues and students, my small contribution and to also help improve the Unified Health System (SUS). The prize is a reward greater than what I deserve and what I receive. I share it with the Claves colleagues with whom I work together and with my current and former advisors (masters and doctors) from whom I learned the most and more than I ever taught. And of course, I'm deeply honored!”

According to her, the award has great importance for Ensp and Fiocruz: “The award increases the impact of Ensp and Fiocruz in the world of science, which adds to all the intellectual wealth of the Foundation, and which renders it so important in the field of Science and Technology". “For my part, I am sure that I was only able to achieve this because I am part of Fiocruz and especially Ensp, where I had all the conditions to share my contribution. Fiocruz is a privileged space for those who want to carry out strategic science in favor of the Brazilian population. I am immensely grateful!”, she complements.

Award winners will give a lecture about their studies at the Academy's General Conference, which is expected to take place next year.

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