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Fiocruz takes a virtual tour of the Moorish Castle at Expo Dubai


Cristina Azevedo (Fiocruz News Agency)


For one week Fiocruz will be at Expo Dubai. Starting on December 28th, visitors will be able to learn a little more about the Foundation's work and even take a virtual tour of Campus Manguinhos at the Brazil Pavilion. The World Expo takes place every five years and brings themes such as technology and sustainability. It began on October 1st, surrounded by care so that visitors can have interactive participation, but without crowds.

The Fiocruz exhibition project proposes to discuss health technology, access to health as a universal right, and health in the 2030 Agenda by approaching the Foundation's actions in the face of the pandemic's impacts.

The Brazil Pavilion is located in the Sustainability District. On the first floor, at the Water Square (Praça das Águas), an animation of the "Oswaldinho" (a tribute to Oswaldo Cruz) invites visitors to go up and get to know Fiocruz and the exhibition. On the second floor, an animation of "Zé Gotinha" welcomes visitors. Entitled Health for All and Agenda 2030: rebuilding a better world post-COVID, the exhibition occupies 403m² and brings together videos, games, and a lot of information.

Videos will be projected telling more about Fiocruz. One of them shows president Nísia Trindade Lima exemplifying the work done by the Foundation against the pandemic, such as the construction of a hospital center, diagnostic centers, and the Institute of Technology in Immunobiological (Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz) expansion.

Totems with Fiocraft (the virtual version of the institution inside one of the world's most popular digital games, Minecraft) will allow people to "walk" around the Fiocruz campus. On the floor, a large map of Brazil will show the Foundation's scope throughout the national territory. Just point your cell phone to the QR Code to learn more about that institute.

Ahead, a portal allows a virtual visit to the Castle in 3D. Visitors can walk around, open doors, see historical objects, and understand the Fiocruz importance in the production of the vaccines in the country since the institution's creation, as well as learn more about immunization in Brazil.

Nine monitors will present central themes, such as the role of Fiocruz in the fight against COVID-19, the rise and reduction in the occupation of ICU beds in the country after vaccination, the various activities involved, the vaccines production in Bio-Manguinhos, the diagnostic kits development, and the actions in the Maré Community.

Excerpts from the documentary Sars-CoV-2: The Time of the Pandemic, by Eduardo and Lauro Escorel (direction) - which features testimonials from researchers, such as Pedro Barbosa, Gonzalo Vencina Neto, and Paulo Chapchap - and videos such as Akira and the Vaccine will also be shown. Another video of paramount importance shows how Fiocruz is dedicated to preparing an inclusive and sustainable future. To this end, the Foundation chooses the 2030 Agenda as one of the central axes to reference its institutional development, creating the Fiocruz Strategy for the 2030 Agenda (EFA 2030) to coordinate these goals operationalization.

"Expo Dubai is one of the most relevant events in the world and this year it has a very special configuration, because it chose themes associated with Agenda 2030 as its central theme," says Paulo Gadelha, EFA 2030 and Fiocruz's exhibition at Expo Dubai coordinator "The choice of Fiocruz by Apex [Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency] to have in the Brazilian Pavilion an exhibit related to the field of health and the institution's protagonist in this area, illustrating the exemplary trajectory that our institution has, makes us very proud. In an extremely disputed space, where states, large companies, etc. were present, Fiocruz feels privileged to take some of its structure and work to the more than 600 thousand visitors, so far, of the Brazilian Pavilion", adds Gadelha.

Fiocruz already had much of the material used ready, such as the Fiocraft and videos, which lowered the investment of the participation at Expo Dubai. The installation was done by Apex.

"We were very careful in planning not to break any pandemic regulations. It is interactive, but even the 3D visit is guided to restrict the need for contact with the material," says the executive coordinator of the Fiocruz exhibition at Expo Dubai, Lisabel Klein.

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