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Fiocruz signs cooperation agreement with the Organization of Ibero-American States


André Costa (CCS)


The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), an organization specialized in education, science and culture that brings together Iberian  and Latin American countries, have signed a protocol of technical cooperation intentions on August 7 at the Fiocruz’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. The document aims to develop joint programs and scientific exchange, encouraging actions in the fields of health, science, technology and social development.

""This agreement puts us in order to walk together", said Nísia Trindade Lima. (Photo: Peter Ilicciev)

The conduction of projects, courses, conferences, meetings, lectures, seminars, professional and consulting services interchanges is provided in the agreement, among other activities that will bring together experts from several fields of knowledge. The document also expects to rely on partnerships with departments, government agencies and other organizations in order to support and disseminate the initiatives.

"This agreement puts us in order to walk together. It is extremely positive for Fiocruz, and makes us immediately think of research and mobility interchange activities", said the President of Fiocruz, Nísia Trindade Lima, noting that the cooperation was made possible largely due to the efforts of the Foundation's Vice President of Education, Information and Communication, Manoel Barral-Netto.

Calling attention to the fact that OEI is expanding to Portuguese-speaking African countries, such as Cape Verde and Mozambique, which currently participate in the organization as observers, Trindade Lima said that this direction conforms well to the work of Fiocruz itself in the continent.

"In the case of our cooperation with Africa, we have just graduated the fifth class of Master's Degree in Health Sciences in Mozambique. Cooperation with the country has poured every area of ​​science of applied health, and we intend to extend and deepen ties with other countries in Portuguese-speaking Africa and Latin America. We have recently received the presence of the executive officer of the National Administration of Laboratories and Health Institutes of Argentina, and we walk towards a very important partnership as regards the production and dissemination of vaccines for yellow fever", she added.

The Secretary General of OEI, Paulo Speller, in turn, emphasized the importance of the agreement for his own institution. "Brazil is an essential partner for OEI, and the first reference we have in the country is always Fiocruz. It is the scientific Brazilian institution of higher tradition, with a very significant international presence", he said, emphasizing that the agreement was made in an agile way - negotiations between the parties began in April this year.

Speller also emphasized the hope of a significant role on the African continent. "There is a great expectation outside Brazil, both in Latin America and in Spain and Portugal, for Fiocruz’s participation in OEI, in addition to Brazilian agencies which encourage research and the Brazilian Department of Science and Technology. The participation of Cape Verde and Mozambique as observers in OEI complement actions that Fiocruz has historically already been doing in Latin America. The Ibero-American world goes beyond what we think".

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