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Fiocruz launches online course on chikungunya in English and Spanish


Campus Virtual (Fiocruz)


The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation launched another important initiative to the fight against arbovirus: the course of clinical management of chikungunya in English and Spanish. Open and free, the course is available on the platform of the Virtual Campus for Public Health of the Pan American Health Organization (Paho) Registration is open until May 31.

This is an initiative of Fiocruz Mato Grosso do Sul and Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), a member of the UNA-SUS Network, with support from the Secretariat of Health Surveillance (SVS), Secretariat of Labor Management and Health Education (SGTES) and Executive Secretariat of the Open University of SUS (UNA-SUS). The course was translated and adapted to both languages through a letter of agreement between Fiocruz and Paho, alongside w together with the team of Fiocruz Virtual Campus, as explained by its coordinator, Ana Furniel. "

"We had already collaborated to offer the course on clinical approach to zika during the emergence of the disease with excellent results for the region. Continuing this work, now with chikungunya, we strengthen collaborative networks. It is gratifying to help bring fundamental knowledge to health care professionals from resource-poor countries such as Haiti or Ecuador, for example", Mrs. Furiel said. 

She also highlights the methodology used in the adaptation and translation of the contents with the support of Paho: "It was a work that involved multidisciplinary teams in different countries and cities, we are learning a lot and improving the method so that we can apply in other courses with important themes for the region, and help health care professionals in fighting against arbovirus" , she said.

About the course
The course of clinical management of chikungunya is open, free, online and self-learning. That is: students access the platform VCPH/PAHO freely, make a registration and can complete 30 hours of the course, at their own pace, with no set times, and autonomously.

Its objective is the qualification of health care professionals in the development of skills to carry out health care actions for the population. Thus, the course addresses these three pathologies, based on the differential diagnosis and respective care protocols. The content also points to the importance of anamnesis and physical examination, which will help in the diagnosis.

The course consists of two units. The first provides information on epidemiology, clinical profile, diagnosis, surveillance actions, health care service organization, and presents the importance of permanent health education. The second unit presents clinical cases, in which health care professionals can reflect on the best conduct to manage patients suspected of this disease.
Registration is open until May 31. Access the courses on VCPH/Paho through the links below. The Portuguese version is available at UNA-SUS.

Clinical management of Chikungunya – English
Clinical management of Chikungunya - Spanish
Clinical management of Chikungunya – Portuguese

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