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Fiocruz creates a Situation Room for the Yanomami Indigenous Land


Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz)


Fiocruz set up, this Monday (1/23), a Situation Room to articulate actions to support the Brazilian Ministry of Health (MS) and the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health (Sesai, in the Portuguese acronym) in face of the health emergency that affects indigenous populations in Yanomami territory.

Some researchers from the area of indigenous health and infectious disease specialists from Fiocruz are already there to support the first actions in the field. Based on the identified needs, Fiocruz's Situation Room, coordinated by the Vice-Presidency for Environment, Care and Health Promotion (VPAAPS), will be responsible for articulating institutional efforts to contribute to facing the emergency. Fiocruz has also called for this Tuesday (1/24) an extraordinary meeting of its Deliberative Council to promote the synergy of institutional actions

“Fiocruz has the capacity to offer both emergency and structuring actions, ranging from assistance to laboratory diagnosis, health and environmental surveillance, and logistical support. We are in permanent dialogue with the Ministry of Health to articulate immediate actions in favor of facing this humanitarian crisis with all the scientific and technological assets of the institution under absolute priority guidance”, explains the president of the Foundation, Mario Moreira.

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