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Facilities have international accreditation revalidated


Lucas Rocha (IOC/Fiocruz) e Renata Moehlecke (AFN)


Ambulatorio Souza Araujo [Souza Araujo Ambulatory], a care unit that provides care to patients with Hansen's disease within the sphere of the Unified Health System (SUS), and Laboratório de Hanseníase [Hansen's Disease Laboratory], both linked to the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC/Fiocruz), remain in line with international standards of excellence. The recognition was evaluated by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the traditional United States accreditation commission, after a series of benchmarks on infrastructure, service and team performance. The procedure revalidates the Certificate of International Accreditation granted by the institution in 2014, and highlights the progress achieved by the institute.

"Fiocruz is a great collaborator for the leprosy work of the Ministry of Health. Both Ambulatório and Laboratório are reference centers of support in research, diagnosis and qualification. Accreditation is an important result that strengthens our actions at the national level," said researcher Carmelita Ribeiro, who works as the general coordinator of Leprosy and Diseases in Elimination of the Ministry of Health.

As a whole, Fiocruz has five centers and laboratories that have already received accreditation or were recognized by the culture of safety and quality in patient care. In May of this year, the Foundation established a Working Group (WG) to monitor revalidations and future accreditations. "With monthly meetings, the group aims at following up more directly the process of re-accreditation and accreditation of the various health centers of the Foundation, ensuring the maintenance of a standard of excellence of services, care, work processes and safety in general," said Patricia Canto, adviser to Fiocruz Vice President’s Office for Environment, Health Care and Promotion, and representative of the WG.

Upon receiving the title for the first time in 2014, IOC outpatient clinic became recognized as the first Brazilian center in the country specialized in Hansen’s disease to operate in line with international standards of excellence. Now in 2017, the space has remained certified. The accreditation process must be revalidated every three years. 

“The positive evaluation shows that Ambulatório Souza Araújo and Laboratório de Hanseníase of IOC follow strict requirements related to patient and family care, as well as the use of data for the development of scientific research," said Milton Ozório, head of Laboratório de Hanseníase. "We have achieved a level of performance within the conformities for an excellence care, which ensures the safety and well-being of the patient, and guarantees effectiveness of the treatment and medical conduct. All the improvements implemented have had the commitment of a cohesive team, and reflect a gain of institutional level," Euzenir Sarno said, a researcher from Laboratório de Hanseníase, who has been at the forefront of the accreditation process since its beginning in 2008.

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