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In Astana, Fiocruz reaffirms commitments in Primary Care




Forty years after the Declaration of Alma-Ata ensuring the human universal right to health, the Declaration of Astana was launched at the Global Conference on Primary Health Care, which took place on 25-26 October in Kazakhstan. Fiocruz and the Brazilian Health Council (BHC) reaffirm the commitment of the Declaration of Alma-Ata to the defense of social justice, health for all and overcoming inequalities between and within countries.

Delegation of Fiocruz and CNS to the Global Conference on Primary Health Care in Kazakhstan.

The final declaration was presented in the first day of the event, with the incorporation of suggestions from several countries.  Fiocruz and BHC contributions contrast some points defended by the World Health Organization (WHO) that, if approved, will serve as guidelines for all countries. The main concern is that the Declaration of Astana misrepresents Alma Ata’s: in drafts already published of the Declaration, primary health care has been treated as “universal health coverage”, focused on financial coverage, which does not necessarily guarantee access to services according to the health needs.

To stand by its position, Fiocruz formed a working group that prepared a document of positioning in favor of the Primary Attention to integral Health, the universal right of health and universal public systems of health - like SUS. The document was synthesized from the contributions of Fiocruz researchers on the themes mentioned in the first proposals of the Declaration of Astana and others included in the conference program in Astana. Group members participate in the conference in Astana. Below, the Fiocruz and BHC document (in Portuguese, Spanish and English) and the Foundation contributions for the conference.

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