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In Malaysia, Fiocruz discusses dengue, cooperation and the Health Industrial Complex


Ana Paula Blower (Fiocruz News Agency)


Fiocruz has taken another step forward on the road to cooperation with Malaysia. Visiting the country two weeks ago for the Dengue Alliance meeting, the Foundation's Vice President of Production and Innovation in Health, Marco Krieger, took part in various activities in which he discussed possibilities for cooperation, the Health Industrial Complex, the mRNA vaccine and innovation in health. During the trip, it was planned to sign a memorandum of understanding with the country's National Institute of Health (NIH) at the end of this year.

Fiocruz also participated in events in which topics linked to the health industrial complex policy and health innovation were debated (Photo: Embassy of Brazil in Malaysia)

The Dengue Alliance is a South-South cooperation initiative to develop a treatment for the disease that affects many countries in the region and of which Fiocruz is a member of its Steering Committee. At its meeting on March 4th and 5th, it was defined the protocol for conducting studies with the medicine candidate for treatment. The results of the work so far will be published soon, and clinical trials will possibly take place in Brazil. Also within the scope of the Dengue Alliance, Krieger attended a mobilization event for patient care, the Dengue Research Visibility Day, held at the National Institute of Health (NIH), which was also attended by the Brazilian ambassador to Malaysia, Ary Quintella.

Krieger met with the country's Minister of Health, Dzulkefly bin Ahmad, and the Deputy Director-General of Health, Norhayati Binti Rusli. At the NIH, Krieger also met with the director of the Medical Research Institute, Ami Fazlin Syed Mohamed, during which Fiocruz was presented institutionally. “They were very impressed with the data presented by Fiocruz”, said Krieger.

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is expected to visit Brazil in November, when one of the topics to be discussed will be cooperation. It is hoped that the memorandum of understanding with Fiocruz will be signed on this occasion, with areas of cooperation being defined. “We have already identified key areas of interaction, as in the case of dengue fever. Malaysia also has the Wolbachia Project being developed over there. And there are also other areas, such as the production of diagnostic kits”, commented Marco Krieger.

Equitable access to medicines

Fiocruz also took part in two events held in the country, where issues related to the health industrial complex policy and innovation in health were discussed – participations were led by the Brazilian embassy in Malaysia. A forum on equitable access to medicines, Brazil - Malaysia: Equitable Access to Medicines, was held on March 8th. The Foundation was represented by its vice president. Guest of honor, Krieger spoke about the Brazilian policy for the Health Economic-Industrial Complex and the hub for the mRNA vaccine. Ambassador Ary Quintella also took part in the event, making introductory remarks.

A forum on trade opportunities between Asia and Latin American and Caribbean countries, the Inter-Regional Business Forum (IRBF), was held on the 7th and 8th. Krieger took part in a panel on the importance of innovation in collaboration, “creating synergies in science, technology and innovation”.

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