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International webinar presents computational modeling applied to health


Fabrício Alves and Luisa Picanço (VPEIC/Fiocruz)


Jack A. Tuszynski, professor at the University of Alberta in Canada and the Polytechnic Institute of Turin, in Italy, will give an online research seminar on computational modeling applied to health on March 20, at 2 pm (Brasília time). Entitled Measuring and modeling electro conductive and quantum properties of cytoskeletal protein filaments exposed to electromagnetic fields, the seminar will bring a physics perspective to intracellular biological phenomena.

Organized by the Vice-Presidency of Education, Information and Communication (VPEIC/Fiocruz), through the Fiocruz Scientific Computing Program (PROCC/Fiocruz) in partnership with The Global Health Network Latin America and the Caribbean (TGHN LAC), the event will be broadcast on the Zoom platform in English and it is open to the public, who must register via the platform. Make your registration.

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