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Health services


Fiocruz units offer a variety of health services, always in connection with teaching and research activities. Each year over 80,000 primary care outpatient visits, nearly 130,000 procedures of reference care and thousands of hospitalizations are made.

The National Institute of Women, Children and Adolescents Health Fernandes Figueira (IFF) carries out an important work related to breastfeeding and is a reference for children with cystic fibrosis and other serious illnesses. The hospital offers the only free-care ambulatoty for medical genetics in the country, and a modern nursery for high-risk newborn infants.

Assistance to patients with infectious diseases such as STD/ AIDS, tegumental leishmaniasis, fungal infections, Chagas’ disease, TB and dengue, among others, is the specialty of the Evandro Chagas Institute of Clinical Research (IPEC). The Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC), on the other hand, boasts a clinic for Hansen’s disease treatment.

Consisting of eight primary health care teams, the Germano Sinval Faria School Health Center serves primarily the residents of impoverished communities surrounding the headquarters of Fiocruz, Manguinhos, in Rio. Each year it performs over 50,000 medical examinations in addition to providing other international standard services. The Center carries out activities related to teaching, research and development of new procedures in the public health sector, with special emphasis on the Family Health Program.

The service to the Manguinhos community was extended in May 2009 when the 24-hour First Aid Unit (UPA) was inaugurated as a result of a partnership between Fiocruz and the federal and state governments.

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