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Vice-Presidência de Pesquisa e Coleções Biológicas (VPPCB)

Microbiological Collections

They have as their primary function the acquisition, preservation, identification, cataloging and distribution of authenticated microorganisms to support scientific research, epidemiological studies, as well as the development and production of bioproducts for diagnostics, vaccine and drugs, and also acting as specialized services providers.

For consulting the services provided by the microbiological collections, including their electronic catalogue of microbial strains and the staff contacts, click on the collection acronym:

Archeopaleontological Collection

Archaeopaleontological collection aims to preserve and provide for scientific research unique and unrecoverable material from ancient times, which can be confronted with current samples and, thus, to support the formation of specialists and studies on the history of diseases from the past to the presente, the distribution of parasite and host species and their pathways for dispersal and migration, biological, ecological and cultural relationships, as well as paleoepidemiological studies, disease ecology and prediction models of future occurrence, based on inferences from environmental and c

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