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Fiocruz and Pasteur renew partnership of scientific cooperation


Julia Dias


Fiocruz renewed its partnership with the Pasteur Institute. The cooperation agreement was signed in June at the Institute's headquarters in Paris between Fiocruz president Nísia Trindade Lima and Pasteur director Stewart Cole. The signing of the agreement updates the centennial partnership of scientific cooperation between the two traditional institutions, which is renewed once again under the management of the two new executives. Cole took over the management of the Pasteur Institute in January of this year and Nísia Trindade Lima has been at the helm of Fiocruz since the beginning of 2017. Fiocruz has also participates in the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP) since 2009.

The agreement updates the centennial partnership between the two traditional institutions. (Photo: Parteur Institute)


Among the novelties of this agreement are the inclusion of terms under which the institutions undertake to comply with international legislation and agreements related to biomedical research using human patients, including clinical research, use of data and the new Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Models of terms for the transfer of materials and staff reception were also included in this new version of the agreement.

In addition to the bipartite agreement, Fiocruz also has a tripartite partnership with the Pasteur Institute and the University of the State of São Paulo (USP). Established in 2017, the partnership was responsible for launching a joint bidding process for research.

Meeting with directors of the network of Pasteur Institutes

While still in Paris, Nísia Trindade Lima participated in the meeting of the directors of several Pasteur Institutes in the world, held on June 11 and 12. At the meeting, topics of network integration and governance were discussed, such as staff training and qualification, research collaboration, and issues related to public and global health, as well as rabies and leptospirosis programs. 

In addition to Fiocruz president, Wilson Savino, Coordinator of Strategies for National and Regional Integration, was present at the meeting to represent the Foundation. The meeting was also attended by representatives of Pasteur Institutes from Uruguay, Guyana, Laos, Cambodia, Tunisia, Central African Republic, Senegal, Madagascar, China, Italy and France.

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