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Deputies in the 70th World Health Assembly (Picture: WHO/L. Cipriani)

The zika virus infection, antimicrobial resisntance (AMR), international support to fight yellow fever, and the 2030 Agenda were among the subjects discussed by Fiocruz in Geneve.

The golden lion tamarin, a primate species exclusive from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest (Photo: Fiocruz Mata Atlântica)

A golden lion tamarin was photographed in the Atlantic Forest Fiocruz Biological Station, a campus for biodiversity research

Haemagogus mosquitoes (photo: Jousé Damacena)

The greatest outbreak of yellow fever in 70 years brings back the risk of a new urban introduction of the disease

International News
Duas mulheres se cumprimentam diante de bandeira da Organização Mundial da Saúde

Yellow fever, partnerships for science and challenges in public health highlighted at the newsletter of the Center for International Relations in Health

The castel's construction
Historical photo of the castel

Photos are part of the historical files of Fiocruz, that keep text documents, maps, films and tapes

Fiocruz has a new president
Foto do rosto da Nisia

Nísia Trindade Lima is the first woman to chair the institution in 116 years

Fiocruz Africa
Photo of the building of Fiocruz Africa

First international unit

Open Access
Art with the castel of Fiocruz and an open book

Read the Foundation's Policy on Open Access

Zika infection platform
Art over mycroscopical image of zika virus on blood

National Institute of Infection Disease ( INI/Fiocruz) coordinate this website for sharing and developing research priorities, protocols and data capture systems about epidemiological and clinical information about Zika infection.

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