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Fiocruz will be producing 11 million molecular tests




The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) will be producing 11 million tests for the Ministry of Health (MS) by September. The Foundation began supplying the tests on March 4. The goal of the first agreement was to produce 25,000 tests for Sars-CoV-2, to be used in the National Influenza Centers (Oswaldo Cruz Institute - IOC/Fiocruz, Adolfo Lutz Institute and Evandro Chagas Institute).

Also in March, as the number of cases associated to the pandemic increased in Brazil and worldwide, the need came to increase production. By March 28, about 60,000 tests had been delivered.

After the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended mass testing, an additional production of 1 million tests was negotiated, with a goal of 30,000 tests per day. An important challenge associated to this escalation was to increase production in a short period of time and in a scennario in which the international logistics chain has been showing limitations, as a significant increase of global demand for health products occurred.

As its production capacity increases, Fiocruz will step up from about 60,000 tests produced in March to 1.2 million tests in April and 2.4 million in May. Between June and September, 2 million tests will be produced per month, for a total of 11 million molecular tests delivered to the Ministry of Health since the beginning of the supply.

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