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Fiocruz launches Twitter account with English news

Daniela Rangel (Agência Fiocruz de Notícias)

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) just launched a Twitter account in English. The tool has the purpose of providing institutional news with interest to the international community. Fiocruz already has an international newsletter, which has just completed two years. “The new Twitter account is an addition to the strategy of narrowing the contact with institutions worldwide addressing science, technology and public health topics,” tells Elisa Andries, Fiocruz Social Communication Coordinator. Our English Twitter address is @fiocruz_en.

Now, our Communication Department takes the opportunity to reinforce the Foundation’s social media plan, that already count with a YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. “Social media is essential to create connection between society and institutions; Communication is now impossible without these tools as they are very effective to provide quality information quickly,” explains Elisa. The YouTube channel provides official Fiocruz videos and pins the recent institutional video which already has over 8,000 views. Visit the channel at

In addition to promoting the main events of the Foundation, the Facebook fanpage (/oficialfiocruz), with over 127,000 likes, shows actions and services provided by Fiocruz. Our Instagram (/oficialfiocruz) reached ten thousand followers and, as it favors pictures, it ends up promoting integration between people and Fiocruz with photo tagging and hashtags referencing the institution. Instagram is the fastest growing social network in the world and has recently reached the impressive mark of one billion active users.

The international Twitter will be Fiocruz third institutional account, including Fiocruz Oficial (@fiocruz) and Fiocruz AFN News Agency (@agencia_fiocruz). Created in 2009, almost ten years ago, the official account has approximately 47,000 followers, and AFN, also launched in 2009, has over 240,000 followers, proving this is the ideal social media channel to disclose news. Fiocruz acts beyond Communication-managed accounts in social media. Many units and regional offices of the Foundation also have independent profiles to ensure communication with all audiences, from general to the most segmented ones.

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