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The high technological complexity of products and services is a feature of the health sector. Therefore, the relationship between the scientific base of universities and institutes and the pharmaceutical industry is a necessary condition for national technological advance in this segment. One strategy already adopted and consolidated by the countries that are at the cutting edge of technological development and that, from the advent of the Innovation Law - Law 10.973/2004 - has been increasingly embraced by Brazilian institutions.

Within this context, Fiocruz, in performing its role in the Brazilian National Health Innovation System, it has sought to expand its partnerships with the productive sector of the Health Economic Industrial Complex. Thus, acting as supplier and plaintiff of technology, as well as in joint implementing of to product and service development that meet the needs of the Brazilian public health.

Biological collections
Microbiological, zoological and histopathological categories
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The Institute guarantees brazilian self-sufficiency in essential vaccines demanded by brazilian vaccination schedule

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