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International relations


FIOCRUZ has historically maintained a strong international presence through cooperation and exchange with health and science and technology institutions in various countries. This work is coordinated by the Center for International Relations in Health (CRIS).

International technical assistance has provided important support to the development of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation over the years, first through a North-South relationship, relying on prospecting by specific researchers, and later with greater institutionalization and participation by organizations from partner countries and multilateral agencies.

The Foundation also maintains close relations with the international areas of the Brazilian government, especially the Ministry of Health, through its International Health Advisory Division (AISA), and the Ministry of Foreign Relations, through its various technical divisions and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC). FIOCRUZ thus reaffirms its position as a strategic Brazilian national institution and an important protagonist for exchange in global health.

In addition, a series of multinational initiatives include participation by FIOCRUZ, with seats on the boards and councils of the institutions that promote such initiatives (United Nations, WHO, etc.), especially in the negotiations for new policy guidelines in the post-2015 period, and in international meetings such as the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health (2011), Rio+20 (2013) and the debates on objectives related to the health sector in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.

When Brazil recently achieved emerging economy status, the country adopted a diplomatic stance in favor of horizontal international cooperation. Aligned with this trend, FIOCRUZ has supported the health area in developing countries, in a South-South relationship.

FIOCRUZ also enjoys recognition by the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization. Importantly, seven Collaborating Centers have been designated at FIOCRUZ in the PAHO/WHO international network, thereby confirming the Foundation’s excellence in global health.

Art with the world map
A division of the Presidence of FIOCRUZ that coordinates and supports the Foundation in international cooperation in the sphere of health diplomacy and global health policies
Charge of Oswaldo Cruz
The bacteriologyst that gives name to the Foundation established a mass vacination in Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century
Photo of the building of Fiocruz Africa
First international unit
Detail of the Fiocruz Minas' front door/ Foto: Acervo Fiocruz
In 10 Brazilian states and in Mozambique

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