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Bimonthly newsletter of the Fiocruz Global Health Center (Cris/Fiocruz)

December / 2019
The group included professionals from different universities in Holland and representatives of the Dutch government. The delegation could know Fiocruz’s actions regarding big data, such as the National Laboratory of Scientific Computing (LNCC) and the Center of Integration of Data and Knowledge for Health (Cidacs), among other initiatives.
Clinical trials coordinated by Fiocruz proved that tafenoquine shortens treatment time, which helps increase patience compliance. The next step to be taken by the institution is the application of viability tests in endemic regions before fully including the new drug in Brazilian Public Health System.
The experience of Fiocruz when it comes to health and knowledge production, and how this expertise can benefit developing countries, was subject of an exclusive panel at the Nairobi Summit, an event organized jointly by the governments of Kenya and Danmark and by the United Nations Population Fund (Unfpa).
Paulo Carvalho, researcher at the Carlos Chagas Institute / Fiocruz Paraná, was one of the two winners of the 2019 award, which aims to acknowledge and support career development for researchers with high scientific potential and international leadership.
Angola’s capital, Luanda, is the place where the third Human Bank Milk in African continent was opened, a result of a technical cooperation project promoted by Brazil, coordinated by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency and technically implemented by the Ministry of Health by means of Fiocruz.
World Mosquito Program project lead to a reduction of arbovirus-caused diseases in four countries where Aedes aegypti with Wolbachia were released. In Brazil, the project is led by Fiocruz, and the data shows a reduction of 75% of the cases of chikungunya in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.
Nutrition students and professionals of the city of Beira, in the province of Sofala, Mozambique, took part in a training course on anthropometric measurements and in field interviews taught by Fiocruz to qualify them to make a technique to assess the nutritional status of children.
Fiocruz was the only Latin-American representative in the Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Conferences (G-STIC) and oversaw its Health axis. During the event, the participants could discuss how to accelerate the search for solutions against nowadays great problems.
The international platform "The Global Health Network" has now a Fiocruz virtual space, where online courses are available, as well as updated publications with the latest research results and news about the institution.
According to Lancet annual report, the climate changes experienced by the entire planet are already causing health problems on children and can have lifelong consequences that will affect an entire generation.

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Bimonthly report of the Fiocruz Global Health Center (Cris/Fiocruz), edited by the Fiocruz Coordination of Social Communication

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