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Animal Cranio Kit

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Animal Cranio Kit
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The craniotomy technique is widely used in scientific experiments. However, it is not uncommon for researchers to go beyond the cranial covering and reach the rat's brain when carrying out the procedure, causing irreversible damage or even death to the animal. In particular, postgraduate students in neuroscience often use live rats, as there is no substitute model for training this technique in rats and other animals.


Developed from 3D printing of a rat's skull skeleton, the simulator can be used to train the craniotomy technique in rats. The 3D model has a filament that simulates bone tissue, with a thickness similar to that found in adult rat skulls. The skull is filled with material that simulates the brain, allowing the user to train the surgical technique as many times as necessary, because the heads are removable and can be exchanged for a for another head refill. The technology allows the reduction of brain-damaging accidents in scientific experiments.


Simulador único contendo peças em refil
Substituição do uso de animais
Redução do custo dos treinamentos

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Partnership with national and international companies with the capacity to produce the replacement kit and refill, using 3D printing, and interested in licensing the technology for production and commercialization. In addition, the group is also looking for partners who are interested in carrying out new developments related to technology through a potential joint agreement with Fiocruz.


Klena Sarges Marruaz da Silva
Carlos Alberto Müller
Valeria Cristina Lopes Marques

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Patent application filed in Brazil, United States of America, Japan, China and Europe.
Trademark registered in Brazil




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